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Horse Gymnastics Stefanie

We are an official club of Equestrian Vaulting USA. Our mission is to introduce more people to the sport of equestrian vaulting, increase confidence, improve physical, mental and emotional health, create new friendships, help you create a bond with horses and of course…have fun!! You do not need experience with horses or be a gymnast to start, you can be an athlete or just looking to get fit doing something fun. We will go at the pace that is suitable for your level. You can also start this at any age…I did not begin my vaulting journey until my mid-forties. 

Horse Gymnastics

Embrace the Art of Horse Gymnastics!

Gypsy Horse Gymnastics


All classes begin on a barrel, mat and trampoline and then on to one of our lovely Gypsy Vanner Horses. 

Prices are  

$60/person for groups of 3-8 for 90min-2hrs 

$80/person for private 1-2 for 90min 

Please email or text with any questions you have 



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Elevate Your Equestrian Journey

Looking to learn horse vaulting? Look no further than our enchanting Gypsy Horse Gymnastics Vaulting Club, nestled in the heart of picturesque Scottsdale, Arizona. Experience the exhilaration of this unique equestrian discipline as our expert instructor guide you through the art of gymnastics on horseback.

Vaulting off Horse


No prior experience necessary!